Hope for Your Grandchildren:
Talking to the Third Generation
About What Matters


Stephen Gabriel

Published by Scepter Publishers

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Hope for Your Grandchildren.

A grandparent’s role in the lives of their grandchildren can often be confusing: How and when do you take a role of instructing and guiding your grandchildren while respecting the role their parents are playing? What kind of wisdom do you impart that will be effective in their formation as responsible, faith-filled adults? What message is so close to your heart that you want them to understand and take seriously with their own hearts and minds?

Stephen Gabriel offers topics of faith to help guide grandparents through their own personal relationships and discussions with their grandchildren. Each topic includes Gabriel’s own personal messages he wishes to share with his grandchildren. He encourages you to make this book a springboard for meaningful conversations of faith and life with your grandchildren, thus building a strong relationship based on wisdom, encouragement, mutual trust and respect, and a deep desire for their happiness, both earthly and eternal.

Praise for
Hope for Your Grandchildren

"Stephen Gabriel’s Hope for Your Grandchildren is a short, simple volume packed with profound truths. Cast in the form of a loving grandparent’s letter to grandkids but easily adaptable to the situations of conscientious parents and catechists as well, the book addresses sixteen crucial topics, from God to conversion, and provides a lively introduction to each couched in clear, everyday terms. At a time when transmitting religious belief from one generation to the next has become a serious challenge, Gabriel’s little book is a warm and welcome guide."
~ Russell Shaw, a widely published author and journalist who has written over twenty books, including American Church

"Age doesn’t grant us automatic authority, but it helps. We can speak with our grandchildren in a way their parents cannot. As grandparents, we have the almost-magical combination of interested love and adequate distance. Stephen Gabriel's HOPE is simply the best guidebook I've seen to our task, which involves both careful speaking and careful listening. Grandparenting can be defined as an ongoing conversation. Spend time in these pages and you’ll learn how to make the most of every exchange."
~ Mike Aquilina, Executive Vice President, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and a widely recognized Catholic author and lecturer.

"In his latest book, Stephen Gabriel beautifully shows the crucial role grandparents play in transmitting, promoting and protecting fundamental values within their families. Through wise and practical advice, Gabriel engages grandparents by reminding them that their formational role does not end when their children become grown-ups. This book is the perfect Grandparents Day gift, regardless of what day of the year it is."
~ Alvaro de Vicente, Headmaster, The Heights School

"This book provides a clear, balanced, heartfelt example of how the treasures gathered from a life's journey may be handed on to those starting along their own path. Grandparents hold a privileged place in the eyes and hearts of their grandchildren, and the effect a timely word may have on the course of their young lives cannot be measured. Hope for Your Grandchildren, is a beautiful aid for anyone seeking to transmit the rich inheritance of their faith and wisdom to those they love most."
~ Jason Hebert, Headmaster, Western Academy